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My mom tested positive for covid 12/04/21. She was diagnosed with double covid pneumonia and it was ravaging her lungs. 12/18/21 she was sedated and intubated. The doctors were able to confirm that mom suffered multiple strokes while fighting covid. While intubated, her oxygen levels began to improve, but her neurological response was deteriorating daily. 12/26/21 the dr called us to the hospital to discuss further treatment. We discussed going forth with a trach and peg, which the surgeon agreed to do the surgery. But 12/27/21 the dr called us back to the hospital to discuss her current state and decide the next step. She was responding less and less neurologically and at that point the vent was just keeping her body alive and they couldn’t say if she would ever make a meaningful recovery. We knew my mom would not want to be in that state. We declined the trach, and took her off of the vent. 12/27/21 my mom lost her battle with Covid-19. But her life and memory will live on through her family who love and miss her deeply! 💛

Jessica Taylor (Michigan)