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I lost my beautiful mother, my hero, my angel on September 20, 2021, due to complications from Covid-19. We both were in the ICU for almost a whole month with Covid Ammonia. She had to go on a ventilator, and there were complications that she could not recover from. She developed sepsis in her blood from a urinary tract infection, but her lungs were also full of Covid and she just couldn’t fight it. I had lived with my mom at the time, I had gotten Covid and we were sick at home for about a week until one morning I was struggling to breathe. My mom had called an ambulance for me, and she took my hands and lifted me off the couch because I could hardly walk. That was the last time I would hold my mothers hands. To this day I wish I turned around and hugged her on my way out the door. She was struggling with more of a head cold and congestion. She was tough cookie, my mom didn’t like hospitals or going to the doctor so she was going to try to fight through it. She had her brother and my dad bring her food and things when I was the hospital, and they finally got her to call an ambulance. So she went into the hospital on a Saturday morning, about 5 days later. I wasn’t able to talk to her much, I did call her a few times but she  couldn’t talk because she was struggling to breathe. They had her on a C-PaP mask and it was hard for her to breathe and they had trouble calming her and her heart down. They immediately had me on Airvo when I went into the ER. My mom was so worried, and they had said that they were worried about losing me, as I almost had to be incubated. I remember the Doctor telling me that the Airvo was what was keeping me alive. When I talked to my mom on the phone when I got to the ER, I called her, and she said “Don’t let them put you on a ventilator. Tell them you do not want that.” And I said, “Okay, I’ll make sure they don’t do that.” So I was adamant with them, I said if you have to put me under, I want released to go home. I think they then did everything they could to not have that happen, and I believe that that’s why I’m still alive today. I have no memory of the first 3 or 4 days in the ICU. My mom by the following week after she came in, was not doing well. She had a contracted a urinary tract infection in the hospital, and they had to put her on a ventilator or her heart would have gave out. The last time I spoke with my mom, was September 8, 2021 at 8 o’ clock in the morning. My brother had dropped off my phone, so I called her. I told her she could text me instead of calling because she couldn’t talk. She said she couldn’t find her glasses. I could not make out what she was saying. I know that I said I love you before we hung up, and that was the last time I spoke to her. She was put on a ventilator the next morning. My Aunt had made sure that she was okay with that, and she told her I was okay and I was going to make it. We all had thought, okay, she just needs this for a few days, to get her heart to calm down and her breathing okay and she’ll come off it. That’s how the Doctors had explained it to me. They could not get her oxygen numbers to be where they should be, and she developed blood clots, and her urinary tract infection caused sepsis in her blood. She then went into kidney failure. I saw my mother hooked up to five machines, two inside the room and three outside of the room, one looked like it was circulating her blood. The Doctors did everything they could for her. They flew her by helicopter to another hospital to have a blood transfusion, they said it would give her time in hopes that her oxygen would go back up. The next morning, they had called us and said she wouldn’t make it until noon. I was still on 8 liters of oxygen when I left the hospital, I was able to leave on the 14th. I had to sleep on my belly to get my oxygen down to where I could go home. Thank God I did because I would not have been able to see or say goodbye to my mom. The hospital had allowed us all to go in the room to see her. She is my hero. She saved my life, and she was the best mother, sister, grandmother, and friend to many. She loved horses, country music, her grandkids, Diet Coke, and she loved her family and children. She taught me everything about life and love, and she is with me every single step until I see her again. She was the most caring loving mother on this earth, who went over and beyond for her loved ones. I am still healing a year later, I’m on inhalers. My dad was recently hospitalized for Covid, he had the omicron variant.  Something has to change..I pray we all find the healing and answers we need. We love you mom. ❤️

Sherrie Jay Shettel Caudill (Pennsylvania)