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At the end of December 2020, our 48 year old mother contracted Covid 19. To keep her four children from worrying too much, she kept it to herself. She eventually told them and said she was feeling okay. After a week she asked for a ride to the Hospital. There she had good spirits, asked for her favorite hygiene essentials, and called them. She received medication and different types of supplemental oxygen. We were told that due to her age, the prognosis was good. We shouldn’t worry. She called us to say she was feeling better. On January 13th, everything changed. She knew she was declining and needed help. She told her RT she wanted to fight and do what was next. She called her oldest daughter and in a one-minute phone call said her goodbyes. She told them “I love you guys.” We begged her to fight. Fight she did. She fought with everything she had for 50 straight days on the ventilator. She endured many surgeries and complications. We had our priest visit her and give her the sacrament of The Anointing of the Sick. This helped her spirits. Her children were allowed to visit. As soon we cleared we spent 40 days with her, not missing a day. We took turns and were lucky enough to see her somewhat awake on good days. Although unable to speak we knew, she knew, how loved she was by all. On March 3, 2021, a little past 11 pm she passed away, leaving behind four children and five grandchildren, and many broken hearts. Since her passing, all her children have been diagnosed with PTSD from the 57 days of her battle with Covid. We continue to try to live the lives she hoped and prayed for us. She is not just a number.

Teresa Bravo (Texas)