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Michael Eddie Suarez aka My Love lost his battle to covid at the age of 59 years young after 4weeks of being in the hospital on a ventilator. My Love was an amazing husband. Father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend that is missed every single day. My love and I had a once in a lifetime love for each other. We completed each other’s sentences. We cheered together for our Steelers and U of A Wildcats. We never ever had one argument in the 13 years we were together. My love absolutely loved our grandchildren Kaeden and Hailey and even though my daughter wasn’t his biological daughter he would do anything for her. She had what she called “daddy do projects” that my love happily would do for them. My Love was the biggest Steelers fan I know. We even got married in Steelers jerseys and had a superbowl themed wedding. We had plans to go to Pittsburgh for his 60th birthday fall of 2021 to watch our Steelers play in Pittsburgh for the first time but he passed away before we could go. My Love was caring, hardworking, lovable, faithful. And is truly missed by everyone who knew him. 

Maria Suarez (Arizona)