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On September 3, 2021 I received a phone call from my mom’s best friend that she couldn’t get in contact with my mom and she was very concerned because the last time she had spoke to her she could tell my mom was under the weather. That night we found out she had been rushed to Emory Hospital on Clifton road because she was coughing up blood. When she called me I found out she was on a bipap machine because she was breathing sixty breaths a minute and the average beats per minute is twenty five.

On Monday September 5, I never knew that would be the last time I would ever speak to my mom and even though I could barely hear her I’m glad I got to speak her one last time, because that night she was placed on a ventilator because she couldn’t breathe on her own and she had tested positive for Covid 19 pneumonia.

Those next three weeks were the worst weeks of my life. I remember a nurse asking me did my mom ever tell us how long she wanted to be on a ventilator and she was very sick and they didn’t think she would survive, My mom was high risk because she was diagnosed at the age of four with a rare lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis which meant her lungs were like tissue and a regular cold could be deadly. There would be days where it would like she would make and other days that looked like she wouldn’t.

We never got to go visit her at the hospital, because of covid restrictions and we did two zoom calls with her on a ventilator. We were rushed to the hospital twice before she actually died because it was times they thought she would pass but did not. On September 26, 2021 I got the worst call anyone could receive that my mom didn’t survive and she died about thirty minutes ago and would I like to come say goodbye. My brother and I had to say goodbye through a glass window and my mom died in the hospital all alone.

Calandra Cook (Georgia)