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Our beautiful and loving mother, Adele, lived a purposeful and intentional life raising, teaching and loving her three children through life’s challenges, but without complaint or regret. A joyful smile was always to be found on her lovely countenance. While the restrictions and isolation of the pandemic were challenging for our mother who loved to be outdoors and out and about, we protected her from exposure to the virus. Unfortunately, she and I were wantonly exposed to the virus through a home health aide. Our mother suffered three lonely weeks in the hospital, in pain and struggling to breathe, with no family able to be by her side; sadly, she ultimately lost her battle with this devastating virus, again, alone and without the warmth of her family’s presence and love near her as she finally went to her Heavenly Home on August 10, 2020. We wrestle every day with her loss and the additional trauma from not being able to comfort her, to love on her in her physical presence in the hospital. We are one of the too many families that could not be with our loved ones when they needed us most. This world, our lives are poorer for her absence and Heaven is richer for and celebrating her homecoming. We love you, Mama, beyond measure and miss you beyond words. God bless you and we so look forward to seeing and to being with you again, Mama! Enjoy laughing, dancing and worshiping Jesus in Heaven, our sweet love! God bless and be with our Mama and all of the loved ones lost and their families. With Love Forever and Always, Norman, Michelle, Paul, Brooke, Tyler, Preston and McKenna

Paul Bakhit, Pennslyvania  

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