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My father was active up until he wasn’t, He had dinner with his partner on April 29 and I spoke with him at 10:30 pm on our nightly check in and ice cream desert before bed. This night he said he didn’t feel like ice cream. Little did I know this was the last nightly call I would ever have with my father. We were ale the next day at 12 noon on April 30 by my fathers partner he did not answer his noon phone call. Two hours later the police broke into his house. he was found confused and disoriented. My father was transported to the hospital where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He passed away six days later on May 6,2020 alone without his family and friends near him. I watched him grasp his last breath on earth through a computer screen. He was robbed of being held close as he left us -no hand holding. No close family to support him or each other. He deserved better. My family has been unable to have a celebration of life for my father due to current public health mandates. COVID-19 does not allow us to face death and loss as we are accustomed to . We are unable to grieve in ways that are familiar. Families including mine are unable to heal as the world continues to doubt the validity of COVID-19 and the devastation it has caused to the families it has attacked . If I had one more minute with my father I would hug him so tight one last time and make sure that he knew how much he was loved. He is missed everyday by his family and friends but most of all by his great grandchildren , Loki and Halo.

– Jennifer A Lloyd, Washington DC 

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