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Today would have been my Mother’s birthday. But on March 31, she died due to complications of Covid-19. She was the 7th person in our state to die of Covid. I didn’t get to see her the last 3 weeks of her life. I didn’t get to hold her hand, be by her side or tell her how much I loved her or tell her good-bye. It still hurts me as badly today as it did the last few days of her life. Our only consolation was toward the end she became unconscious, so she was no longer feeling the pain and sickness and fear – and loneliness of knowing we weren’t there with her. But the nurses at her nursing home loved her and held her hand for us, so she didn’t die alone. I will never forget. But I know Jesus led her to Heaven. This is my Mama, Alice Jett of Little Rock, AR. Oct. 1, 1936 – March 31, 2020.

Penny Terese Boyer, Arkansas

Elder woman smiling