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On June 13, my husband, Andres Arguelles, and I were exposed to the virus and tested positive a week later. My husband developed pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital on June 26. He spent 4 days on a CPAP machine before he had to be intubated. June 30 he was put on a ventilator and placed on a medically induced coma. He fought long and hard, every time the doctors would tell me that he was declining and there was nothing more that they could do he would always do something to show them he was still fighting. The virus finally took a toll on his body and he couldn’t fight anymore. He passed away the morning of July 23rd at 45 years old. At 38-years-old, I am now a widow facing this cruel and unfair world without my sweetheart, the love of my life, my best friend, my entire universe. My stepsons miss their dad everyday, my mother and father-in-law miss their baby boy who loved and took such good care of them. His brothers and sisters miss their baby brother, the life of the party and joker who played tricks on everyone but was also the glue that kept the family together because family was so important to him. He is not just a number, he was a man that was loved by so many people, a truck driver that loved making friends in every truck stop, a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan that loved fishing ever chance he had. Covid-19 took his life but nothing will ever erase all his acts of kindness and all of us that love him will never allow his memory to fade away.

  Ana LauraFlores,  Texas 

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