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Our beautiful 13 year old daughter Anna died from Covid on July 10th 2020. She became tired starting on Tuesday and had a little muscle fatigue, which was not out of the ordinary because she had scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. So she rested for the week and seemed to be getting better. However, Friday afternoon she started to look awful so we took her to the hospital where she passed away within the hour of being there. She posthumously tested positive for Covid as did the other 6 of our family members. Covid shut her young body down so quickly.

Anna was a dancer, great friend, amazing sister to 4 siblings, loving daughter, funny, outgoing, loyal, and most of all one of a kind. She has been missed every second of everyday since she left us that awful day. The hole in our hearts is deeper than anyone’s imagination could fathom. Our world was forever changed because of her. She would want everyone to work together to stop anyone else from dying unnecessarily.

Amber Carter (Oklahoma)

Anna Belle Carter