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Since my mom passed away, I am constantly aware of her absense. No matter how I spend my morning, afternoon or evening, Living life without her is the hardest thing to do. Some days I wish I could go back and spend the days that we spent together, not to spend them differently but just to feel a few things twice. If I had a second chance I would take back every pain,worry & hurt that I ever gave her. I wish I could undo all those moments that I made her sad. I will always talk about you. You deserve to be remembered. I miss you, mom. My mom passed away on January 11,2022 due to complications from COVID. My family is devistated from the loss. My little sister passed away last year from COVID complications. My dad is broken hearted. I hate COVID.

May you rest in peace, mom.

September 24,1958~january 11,2022..

Heather Davidson (Arizona)

image of missing my mom tonight