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My son (age 15) and I contracted Covid-19 on New Year’s Eve 2020. He quickly developed severe symptoms and we were in our local emergency room that evening. While the world celebrated the end of 2020 we endured the crippling symptoms of Covid-19 in a lonely hospital room, him struggling to breathe with a heart rate over 150. Early on Jan 1st we were sent home with no real change in his symptoms just medication covering his fevers and vomiting and told he his a child he will be better in 2 days. On Jan 2, we were back by paramedic this time, he was worse not better. We struggled through the next day hoping for relief. With little sleep his breathing and oxygen was much worse now. Later that day we were transferred to CHLA for improved specialized care. My son was placed on a ventilator and ECMO machine to sustain his life. We continued on a roller coaster of hope and tears until he succumbed to MIS-C a rare complication of Covid-19 in children on 1/5/21. I miss my sweet boy every day, I miss not being allowed to hear him again or say goodbye to me. He was torn away too soon.

Amanda Wilson,  California 

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