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In late March 2020 my husband ,a healthy active fit man , felt very tired, just tired. No coughing,no trouble breathing, just so tired with barely a fever. At that time no one could or would predict how COVID could be treated or even diagnosed so he took Tylenol and rested per the doctor’s advice. At one point I called EMS to see if he should go to the hospital but all vitals seemed fine. Over the next week he complained of stomach pain and how bad food tasted. I tried to buy pulseoximeter but couldn’t locate one so my daughter expressed mailed one from SCarolina. On April 3 I placed it on his finger and it read so low. I called EMS. He was taken by ambulance that day -the day Americans were advised to wear masks-to the hospital. That was the last time I saw him until 10 days later. During those ten days I only managed to talk to him briefly twice and very rarely to doctors who had no idea what to do with COVID but trying everything. The last thing he said to me before being put on a ventilator was “When will this be over?” I called every day to speak with a doctor rarely getting one on the phone but on April 13 one answered and said to come right away as my husband would not survive the day. In the midst of a terrible storm I raced to the hospital and was joined by my son. They told me they were giving him CPR and should they continue. Of course I said. I need to say goodbye. We were gowned and covered from head to toe and taken into ICU where they were giving him CPR. A tiny room filled with people, tubes and machines whirring as we gathered around this beloved man. My daughter on the phone, my son behind me sobbing as I desperately hoped he heard me tell him how much we loved him and it was okay to go. I signaled them to stop CPR. Everyone so afraid of the virus hanging in the air we were ushered out with no peaceful goodbye. Stripped quickly of all the protective coverings I was handed his belongings and told to keep them in the car trunk for a week. I drove home alone shell shocked. A time when everyone was afraid of each other. It took 8 days for the funeral home to find a crematorium to take his body. There could be no funeral. I finally scheduled a memorial service in September 2021 which had to be postponed because of Omicron surge. Now scheduled for June 2022. I miss him everyday

Linda Jo Platt (New York)

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