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Over the summer, I was living at my college apartment. I had gone down to visit my family for fathers day weekend and a week after coming back from that I found out my whole family got COVID-19. My parents both spent some time in the hospital but it hit my dad the hardest. He was the one who caught it at work and ended up bringing it home unknowingly. Nobody at his job had said someone tested positive or came upfront to confess they were sick. My dad spent a month at the hospital while my mom thankfully only spent a week. We all thought my dad was getting better and he said he was feeling fine until one day he couldn’t talk and the next he was intubated. He was intubated for a week before dying. He was only 58. I’m only 20 and my youngest sister is 9 now. My dad and I had a complicated relationship but I always thought we would get closer as I grew older, I wish I would’ve known I would never get that chance. I miss him every day. It’ll be 6 months this month (January). I can not believe it’s already been half a year without him.

Krystell Fienco, Florida

Girl with dad smiling for a selfie