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My dear cousin, Chenoa Martinez, was taken by ambulance to a local hospital in April 2020. We never heard from her or the hospital again. My relatives called the hospital for months and was told she had been discharged. We started a local effort to locate her as a missing persons because no one had heard from her since she left the hospital. In August 2020, we were contacted by the local police as her body had been at the hospital and unclaimed for over 4 months. The day that her hospital records show that she died, her mother contacted the hospital and was told that she was sent home. Despite this traumatic loss and the mystery surrounding her death, we were able to finally give her a proper memorial service in September 2020 after months of not knowing what happened to her. Chenoa was a vivacious woman who loved her family fiercely and loved to laugh.

Lavanna Ashley Martinez, New Jersey 
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