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Christopher Zeller Blocke was my youngest brother. One year ago today on June 3, 2020, Chris passed away from COVID-19 complications. He was 55 years old. Chris was in a rehabilitation center, waiting for elective surgeries to resume in New Jersey. He needed a 1 – 2 hour procedure on his left leg. Chris and I shared many good memories while growing up. However for many years as adults, Chris and I were estranged and did not speak to one another. Most recently, we began to reconcile and to keep in touch. Chris loved music, especially Frank Zappa and Yes, and enjoyed going to local concerts. We shared liking the Philadelphia Eagles and the television show ‘This Is Us’. I believe that his greatest joy was riding his jet ski along the bay in Ocean City, New Jersey. Chris had medical issues for many years before his death and always wanted to ‘get back out on the water again’. He never had the opportunity to do so. So, our brother Jeff and I will scatter his ashes in the bay in Ocean City. We will take Chris back out on the water again. I am sharing this story in memory of Chris and pray that he is finally at peace.

– Cathie Hozinez, Pennsylvania

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