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Hi. My name is Kelly and I live in Canton, Michigan. My dad, Dan, died on April 2. My mom, Irene, died on April 7. My brother, Keith died on April 11. They died this year from Covid-19. We were a very close family ( I have one other brother, Kevin, who is 12 years younger than me and is still here. ) My mom was my best friend and we spoke several times a day. She was the most caring and selfless person you could ever meet and took care of everybody. She was the glue of the family and was always there for her family. My dad was my hero and fiercely protective of me. He was loving and extremely devoted to his family. If any of us kids ever needed anything, he would drop everything and come over and bring whatever you needed or fix anything. My parents went to every single event of their children and grandchildren. Never missed not even one thing. They truly lived for their children and grandchildren. Both my parents were very kindhearted and were adored by everyone. My brother Keith was a gentle giant and very thoughtful and generous to his family and friends. He had 4 children and was extremely proud and devoted to them. My brothers were best friends and did everything together. My dad was 78, my mom was 71, and my brother was 46 when they passed away.

Laurie A Mozurkewich, Michigan

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