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My entire family tested positive in August 2020. My husband was in and out of the emergency room but doctors told us his potassium was low. On Aug 3, 2020 he was rushed by the ambulance to the hospital which they did a rapid test and found out he had COVID. Day after he was admitted I was rushed to the ER with problem breathing. I was hospitalized for a week at the same hospital my husband was in but never saw him. He was on max ventilator which didn’t help. He had to be placed in a medical coma. During the time he went into kidney failure and had to start dialysis while in a coma. He fought for his life for 20 days. All his organs shut down. 2 days before they Let my 21 year son see his dad because they believed he needed to hear his son to hopefully give him strength. On Sunday August 23,2020 I was called and informed my husband was deteriorating and if I could take our 2 younger boys because they believed he needed to hear them. I was told this can help him survive or give him peace. I rushed to the hospital and my boys left to see him. Lesss then 10 minutes a pastor came and told me to go with him to see my husband. I got to ICU and was told to go to the conference room. I walked and saw my boys just standing looking lost. I asked why were they there and not with their dad. Since no answered I started screaming asking why were they their. All of sudden my youngest turned to look at me with his eyes red with tears looking broken told me the words that still haunt me “Dad is gone, he passed right in front of us. We didn’t get to say goodbye. We saw the doctors trying to bring him back. I screamed and fell to the floor screaming and crying. He was my high school sweetheart at age of 15 and he was 17. 25 years together, married with 3 young men.

– Yesenia Navarro, California

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