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My family had been directly impacted by the harsh effects that come along with COVID-19. I stood by day by day wishing and wanting to be by my dad’s side while he was gravely ill and scarred in COVID ER. I felt helpless. I could do nothing but listen to the voices on the other side of the phone explaining my father’s terrible condition while trying to comprehend what they were telling me. They asked me to make decisions I never imagined I’d have to make in a million years. I watched my father perish through a video phone. I listened while the doctors attempted to revive my father. I had to make the choice to discontinue CPR. I had to let my father go regardless of how painful the choice was and now I live with the haunting memory of my father’s final days. The world can not begin to imagine the confusion and terror that has come from this experience. I feel as though I lost my life along side my father.

– Jennifer Gonzalez, Texas

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