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My Husband was a 60 yr old, health man with no pre-existing conditions. He tested positive on March 10, 2021 with Covid. His oxygen was a low and they said, go to the emergency room. Once at the emergency room, they said, he just needed to ride it out, he was a healthy man. 2 days later March 12th, he said, I am not well and he wanted to go back to the ED. They took an x-ray and said, it was fine, but sent him home with oxygen. I was not able to go in with him. As I would have been asking so many questions. X-ray is fine, but go home on a Friday evening with oxygen and told to call family doctor if you are not better? At this point, he was still not given any drugs. Monday morning March 15, 2021 we contact family doctor for a tele med visit. We tell him the story and I said, his xray is in his health portal. His face was shocking, he said, the xray was not fine, he has Covid pneumonia. He started him on drugs and said keep an eye on his oxygen level. 2 days later, March 17, 2021 we called the ambulance and told them to take him to a different hospital. There they learned his lungs were worst then what they were on March 12th x-ray. They started him on the Covid drug cocktails and on Sunday, March 21st he was healed and sent home. Weak, but Covid free and no oxygen we were over the moon, he is in recovery. Friday, March 26th he was coughing and collapsed his left lung. Our 35 days journey began and so much happen. He got better and he was going to be released on April 12th. That morning his lung collapsed again. Then on April 23rd we were told he developed pulmonary fibrosis and needed a double lung transplant. April 25th UMMC flew him from Harrisburg to UMMC to get a transplant. Many other things happen that week, and he lost his battled on April 30, 2021. I was blessed to be able to be with him for that 35 days, 12 to 14 hours a day in the hospital with him, fighting and encouraging him to fight. All this time he looked almost like his picture. He never looked sick, could eat, sit up and never had to go on bipap or be vented, just high flow oxygen. Our family is heartbroken and so much about this is not right, but that is for another discussion. RIP my love.

РKimberly Lambert, Pennslyvania   

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