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My father, Donn Earl Waddy, lost his one-month battle with Covid-19 on the morning of June 13, 2020, which began with his admission into the hospital on the afternoon of May 16th. It is the shock of a lifetime! The afternoon my father was admitted, he had symptoms of a mild fever and achiness. He was doing laundry and my stepmother was preparing his lunch. She was also diagnosed with Covid-19 that morning. The healthcare provider for my stepmother sent her an oxygen meter and although her oxygen level was fine at the time. My father’s was not, and they were instructed to call 911. There were many frustrations our family experienced beginning with intake into the hospital where they indicated dad had COPD and severe kidney disease which he did not as verified by his primary care physician. This concerned our family and we even thought that they had diagnosed the wrong person. The pain that our family is enduring is based upon knowing that dad died without his loved ones being physically present during his transition. The latter frustrations were due to funeral home shortcomings in the execution of dad’s homegoing service. It also pains me to learn that prior to dad getting sick and since I was considered an essential worker, that dad was terribly upset and did not want me to work for fear that I would get sick. I did not know that he had those feelings until he was in the hospital. While dad was being treated and during the three virtual calls I was able to have, I thanked the nursing staff and the doctors and appreciate them trying to save his life. I was told that the medical staff knew dad was a special person and were deeply saddened when he passed. I am grateful that to date my stepmother did not have to be hospitalized and is continuing to heal from Covid-19. The grief for us all is a day-to-day process and reality. I pray for all of us 200+ families and loved ones of those lost to this virus that continue to have to endure this pain. As a family of believers, we will see daddy again. We love you daddy and miss you. ~Christal Rene’e Waddy

Christal Renee Waddy, Maryland

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