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My active, healthy, 78 year old father with zero pre-existing conditions tested positive for COVID-19 about a week before Thanksgiving. He was pretty asymptomatic until the day before Thanksgiving when he woke with labored breathing. By the end of the day, he was in the hospital on a ventilator. Two weeks passed and he successfully came off the vent. He was on the mend. For three weeks he continued to heal and was taken out of ICU. There were ups and downs but for the most part he was getting better. Things suddenly changed on December 29. They moved him back to ICU and on the 30th put him back on the vent. He died the next day. I’ll never understand. He was a healthy man and he was getting better and then COVID took him like a thief in the night. What trauma it is to lose someone this way.

Ashley Kagan, North Carolina

Doctor smiling