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Mom was a month away from turning 94. She still lived independently in her own apartment and took care of all her own finances. She was all of 4’11” and around 100 lbs., but she was a tough little lady. She loved her family and nothing made her smile more than when she held her great grandchildren. She survived hip surgery and was doing so well in rehab. She was only a few days away from going back home when she was infected with Covid-19 at the rehab facility. It was so unfair, it wasn’t her time to go, she had way too much life left to live. She was looking forward to the wedding of her last grandchild in just three weeks, even if she could only watch it virtually. She was doing everything right–wearing a mask, visiting her family through her patio door or on Zoom, staying at home, staying in quarantine while in rehab. Someone wasn’t doing everything right–they infected someone who worked at the rehab facility who then infected my mom. If you don’t think you need to wear a mask or socially distance, you may be the one who contributed to my mom’s death. Everyone misses you, Mom. You left behind a legacy of loving, caring, and devoted children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. You live on in all of us. You are always with us. Love you always and forever.

– Susan Seeman, Nebraska 

Older woman smiling