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My dad was 61 years old and as healthy as they come. He was diagnosed on December 19th with Covid-19. After his 10 days of quarantine, he wasn’t getting any better and my mom took him to the hospital December 26th. No signs of breathing difficulty when she took him, but he had double pneumonia and was immediately put on oxygen. His oxygen had to be upped until he was at max heated flow. He was then admitted into ICU and put on a bipap machine. His lungs eventually collapsed and were too damaged for healing. His blood pressure began to drop and we lost my daddy on January 13th. My sweet, strong, hardworking daddy. He left behind my mom, me (his daughter), 2 sons, 5 grandchildren, and his own parents and siblings. We all miss him so much. This was unexpected and so sudden. He was so healthy and then he wasn’t here. We miss you so much, dad. And love you forever.

Amanda Criscoe, North Carolina

couple photo on snow