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My mom fell in January 2020 and needed two emergency brain surgeries. My dad ended up in the hospital a few days later. Eventually they ended up in the same skilled nursing rehabilitation center that was supposed to help them heal so they could go home together. When Covid-19 started I wanted him to go home, because I felt he would be more at risk. However, he would not leave my mom, his wife of almost 46 years. The facility said they were doing what they needed to in order to protect my parents. Unfortunately, they were not and both of them were diagnosed with it. My dad ended up on a ventilator and hospitalized for a month. They said he was negative for Covid-19 and that he recovered. We were so happy that he recovered. However, a week later he was hospitalized again with Covid-19 and sepis. He coded twice the first night and died two days later without his family by his side. My mom is back home now and adjusting to life as a widow. My dad should still be here with us.

Michele Nadeau, Florida

Couple photograph