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Little did we know… July 7, 2020 would mark the beginning of our nightmare. Both my mother (Massiel) and her father, my grandfather (Francisco) were admitted to the hospital. He was in a covid unit with pneumonia in his left lung and she was admitted to the ICU immediately. We were unable to visit and since they were both on a bi-pap mask it was not safe for them to speak to us. A few days in, my mother was intubated and placed on a ventilator. A few days later we learned that she suffered a stroke. The doctors advised us that they didn’t know the extent of the damage it had caused and 2 weeks later told us that if we wanted to keep her alive, she needed to have a tracheostomy and so did he because his oxygen levels were worsening. That morning, she went into surgery first and he followed. The morning of July 31st we lost my grandpa and 18 days later, my mom followed. She died alone. My brothers and I didn’t get to say goodbye or hold her hand and comfort her. The backbone and glue of our family was gone and this virus marked our family forever.

– Kelsie Lozano, Texas
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