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Our dad was always our hero, but we didn’t know that he was a hero to so many other people too. We find solace in that now, as cliche as it may sound. We just wish that we had the chance to thank him. We lost our dad to the Coronavirus. We couldn’t even say goodbye. We are having a hard time grasping our loss because there was no closure. There was no goodbye. It’s heartbreaking that not one of his children were able to be with him during his last days. Since his passing, countless phone calls and messages have been sent to us about their best memories about him. We knew our dad was a great guy but we did not know just how many people’s lives he touched. Two out of four of us are frontline workers. We saved countless lives working countless hours, but we couldn’t save our dad. He was a 33-year-old kidney transplant survivor. He will always be our hero. We love and miss you dad. You lived for us and now we’ll honor you for the rest of our lives. Rest peacefully our angel.

Amella Cekic,  New York  

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