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I have lost my beloved father Harunur Rashid to Covid-19 back in April 2020. My entire family was impacted by the virus as well. My mother and my sister both overcame the virus but sadly, my father lost his battle to the virus. My father spent 9 days on the ventilator fighting for his life but sadly his heart gave up at the end. He was only 67 years old when he passed. My father was the oldest of 12 siblings. He was courageous, tough and selfness. He took care of his siblings from a young age and also wanted to make a better life for himself. With only an high school education, my father traveled the world to find better opportunities for himself and to support his siblings. By working odds jobs two at a time, my father saved enough money to open a small business in New York City, the land of opportunities and dreams. I would like to remember my beloved father as a man who was a fighter with a heart of gold.

Lili Rashid, New York

Elder man with hat