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My dad, was a constitutional law professor at Pepperdine in Malibu, California, for over 49 years. He loved to teach and had yet to announce any plans to retire. My sister and I are both law graduates and were lucky enough to have had him both as our dad and as a professor. We have be overwhelmed by the outpouring from the Pepperdine community and beyond. He was an expert in his field and published countless papers, he was a law professor ‘rockstar’ if there was such a thing. He used his intelligence for the greater good including being funny. Hilarious, is an understatement. He has whole fan pages of students who write his famous anecdotes or quotes that they hear in class, some recycled, most equal parts fact and fiction. He got sick in April. He went into the ER on a Wednesday night after he received a positive test. His doctor wanted to be safe than sorry so he was admitted to his local hospital. He was ventilated on Friday. He never recovered or gain consciousness during his nearly two months in the hospital. I am lucky that my last words to him before he was intubated was, ‘I love you.” We never spoke again. He and my stepmom had been married less than a year when he got sick. She was permitted to see him just twice during his lengthy stay in the hospital. Once on their one year anniversary, which fell about about 2 weeks after he was ventilated, and once, at the end, when he was in cardiac arrest. We know we are not unique in our suffering. He was our world. We are lucky that he touched so many lives over his incredible career and we take comfort in knowing he changed the trajectory of so many and dramatically influenced people for the better. There are no words to describe the anguish we feel; which fuels our determination that he will not be a just a statistic. Please help us make it so.

–  Jt T McGoldrick,  California

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