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Jody, my husband of 33 years, first exhibited a fever last Easter Sunday. Since he was disabled from multiple sclerosis, we called the paramedics who, after checking for various COVID-19 symptoms, felt he would be better off staying at home trying to reduce the fever. For a few days, the fever came down and we were hopeful. But by Wednesday, the fever was back worse than ever and the breathing issues began. The paramedics returned and he was taken to the hospital. His condition went on a roller coaster ride over the next three days until Sunday when he left us for his next stage of life. Despite his MS, Jody was the most positive person you could ever meet. He was certain he would someday get out of his wheelchair and walk again. I miss the twinkle in his eyes and the smile that always graced his face.

Edward Koenig, New York

Man with glasses smiling