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Still hard to talk about it. When Covid-19 hit my husband was a truck driver; considered an essential worker. He work every day making sure did the things we need to get delivered. I finally told him it wasn’t worth the risk being out there and got him to retire August 15, 2020. We did everything we were supposed to stay at home didn’t go out. Talked about what we were going to do when this is all over. Travel a little bit. Then on December 13 he collapsed. Call 911 and the ambulance took him away. At the hospital they told me he had Covid and pneumonia. I was not allowed to see him. The following day I was tested positive for Covid. I just had a mild case of it; loss my sense of taste. I lost my smell had a fever and cold chills. But I got to quarantine at home and I made it fine. But he was gone in 14 days. I was not allowed to see him and that is not a way to die alone without your family. I miss him every day. We were married 53 years.

Ida Silveira, California
Elder man posing for a photo