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I first became Covid-19 symptomatic around Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. I was tested and received the Covid-19 diagnosis from our primary care doctor on Friday, April 17th. My wife Joni, who was sheltering at home, suffered from Pulmonary Fibrosis in her very small lungs. We thought we were being careful to protect her (no kissing, hugging, using different dishes, etc.). On the afternoon of April 22, Joni suddenly lost consciousness at home, and died at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Brooklyn early the next morning. She tested positive for Covid at the hospital. And life will never be the same for me! We had no children, I’m an only child, and Joni’s sister died in 2018 after being hit by a distracted driver while crossing the street. All four of our parents are deceased.

John Lancos, New York

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