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My husband was tested on 06/23/20, tested negative but was told he had pneumonia. He was given medication and sent home. Within the next few day he got worse. On Sunday morning 06/28/20 he was having difficulty breathing, his oxygen level was very low and he was not able to move around himself. I drove him to the ER, was told to just leave him there. He was then told he tested positive. Without my consent he was put on a ventilator, oxygen machine and was taken to ICU/Methodist Hospital downtown. That Sunday was the last day I spoke or saw him. I was not allowed to see him at all. Since he was intubated and sedated I just spoke to him via cell phone while the nurses held the phone to his ear. I would tell him how much I miss him and love him and please fight and come back home soon. Sadly he did not beat Covid and passed away on 07/10/20. He turned 58 on 07/17/20, a week after he passed away. I also tested Covid positive while he was in ICU. Covid took the love of my life. I miss him so much.

Fanny P Guaman,  Texas 

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