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Back in March 2020, I remember watching the news about this virus. I was worried about my father, who is 82-years-old and was still working at retail. He loved to work — that gave him purpose. And no matter how much iI convince him to stay home, he did what he loved the most. On March 25th, he was at work when he passed out and i got the call while I’m at work. I am a RN and I work at the Albany, VA hospital. I thought it was just a ”fall”, then I got the call from the ER doctor that his xray was consistent with that of someone with the coronavirus. He was tested for Covid-19, and I was hoping it will be negative. 2 days after, we got the confirmation that he was positive for Covid-19. Many days and nights passed by and you just dont know when you will get that final call. I lost my father, Joseph Navarro, on April 6, 2020 to Covid-19. The hospital would not allow any visitors as he passed away. I gathered my siblings who are thousand miles away and we said goodbye to him through Facetime. What pains me up to this day is not being able to see him from the time he was admitted to the hospital to the moment we picked him up in an urn at the funeral home. I know I’m not only one who went through this. All my prayers to those who loss a family member and are affected by this pandemic.

Mary Joan Navarro-Perkins,  New York