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I lost my best friend from highschool that I’ve known for over 19 years to covid along with her mom. They both passed 4 days apart. My best friend was 36. Her mom was 60. What made it worse was they both had prexisting conditions. They lived in Arkansas and I lived in Connecticut. I felt so awful because I wasn’t nearby to do anything. My best friend did not think she had covid the whole time. She suffered from Asthma and would get bouts of bronchitis. So she thought this was just a cold she had. I talked to her on the phone the beginning of the week she had entered the hospital. I told her I hope you don’t have covid. She said no I don’t. I and her boyfriend at the time told her she should go get tested. She refused to because her mom was tested 2 weeks prior and it came back negative. Her mom told her how terrible the experience was getting the swab up her nose. So my friend wanted no part of that. Well things became worse when the high fevers would not go away and her breathing became more difficult. Her step father took her to urgent care and they tested her and her results were positive. She was advised immediately to get to the ER. So an ambulance came to her home and took her. Once she entered they stripped her clothes to put a hospital gown on her and immediately put her on a ventilator in an induced coma. Her last words were to her step father. She told him she loved him and he kissed her forehead. Meanwhile her mom was sick at the same time but her symptoms became worse after her daughter entered the hospital. Two days later my best friend’s mother entered the hospital. I had talked to her the day before and she was telling me how her daughter went into the hospital and how sick she looked with her complexion. Her mom sounded awful on the phone coughing the whole time. She suffered from loupus on top of this happening to her. My best friend had a 4 year old little girl as well and it was her birthday that upcoming week. So the proud grandma was telling me all about the birthday wishes and cards the little girl was recieving. They were supposed to have a birthday parade and a special cake for her but sadly it all got cancelled. Eventually my friend’s mom had to go because she was feeling so miserable on the phone. The very next day her husband took her to the hospital. She had become very non coherent due to the high fever and she was not making any sense. She was diagnosed with covid and was placed on a ventilator as well in a coma. For 1 whole week they both fought very hard for their lives between the medications and whatever the Drs could do for them. Their vitals were going up and down. There were times her mom’s anxiety would be complicating her progress. There were also times my best friend would pull out or bite her ventilator tubing without knowing it. Well after one week her mom’s vitals and organs started shutting down. By the end of the week she was gone. Meanwhile while all of this was happening her stepfather started feeling ill. He entered the hospital and they checked him in as covid positive but with a mild case. So while his wife was on the ventilator he would be allowed to visit her room and sit near the foot of her bed and his step daughter as well. He was with his wife when she passed. After she passed he went to his daughter’s room to be with her. He held her hand and told her that her mom had passed and she needed to live and fight this for her little girl. Well 4 days later I received a phone call from her step father saying that his daughter’s organs were shutting down. I was devastated. I thought she had a good chance of beating this. 15-20 minutes later I received the dreaded phone call from her aunt and uncle telling me she had passed away. I was so broken hearted. I couldn’t believe my best friend was gone. All I could think of was her little girl next. How will this child understand her mom and grandma are gone and never coming back. Well luckily there was an aunt and uncle who could take her and adopt her being the step dad was up in age and couldn’t take her. So the little girl was with them in New Jersey when all of this was happening. So overall I just couldn’t believe my best friend and her mom were gone and how it all happened so fast within a week. It’s been very tough not having her to talk to or turn to when things are rough. But I’m finding a way to manage and try to cope between adopting her 2 dog’s and spending more time with my fiance but it will never be the same without my best friend and her mom.

Sarette Dymkowski (Connecticut)

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