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On March 26th, my husband Jules went into his job to exchange some files. On April 1st he started showing the first symptoms of the virus, by Friday, April 3rd he had gotten worse but would not admit he was feeling that bad. On Saturday, April 4th his breathing changed and on Sunday, April 5th I brought him to the emergency room because his oxygen level had dropped to 85%. Thinking he would go in, get some oxygen, and come home, I was not as worried or scared. On Wednesday, April 8th, I was awakened by a call from the hospital that Jules had a heart attack and had been revived — had to be intubated and was being transferred to the ICU. He spent 8 days on the ventilator, came off for 3 days and things were looking up just to be put back on Monday, April 20th. From that point things started going down, I was grateful to get to see him on day 23, Wednesday, April 29th and knew when I left that he was not going to make it. I was blessed to be able to go back to the hospital on Sunday, May 3rd to say my final goodbyes. I still live in a state of disbelief most days. Jules was a wonderful, kind, funny and gentle soul and was just 58 years old. We had plans to go back to Hawaii for our 20th wedding anniversary next year but God needed him close and called him home. Miss you, love you, forever in our hearts.

– Emmlynn Taylor, New York
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