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I am a Nursing Director in an Emergency Department and have been a part of my hospital’s incident command structure since January. When my Mama’s oncologist told her it was time to start chemotherapy in February, I was terrified, knowing just how vulnerable she was. We made many wonderful memories this year, but on August 2, my mom was hospitalized with COVID-19. She fought for 17 days, ultimately choosing not to be placed on a ventilator. My father – her husband of 38 years, my sister, and I were not allowed into the hospital until her passing, and even then, we were only allowed to stand outside of her room. We always fought battles as a family, and this felt so different. We prayed each night outside of the hospital and spoke through video messaging as often as possible, but it was not the same as holding her hand path rough this journey as she had always done for us. She is greatly missed and dearly loved.

Barbara Mae Stewart, Florida

Family wearing palm three shirts