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My family and I were unexpectedly faced with the the pandemic. In March 2020, the family could no longer visit our mother because of the pandemic restrictions set forth for healthcare facilities. Our mother was recovering from a UTI and on April the 4, 2020, I called the skilled care facility to check in with the staff. At that time the nurse informed me that mom was asking for some pain medication for her back; however the doctor was coming to check on her progress. Within a 10-minute period the facility called us and informed us that mom was being rushed to the hospital. Visitors were not allowed in the emergency room and within a short period of time, we were informed that mom had COVID-19 and that she had approximately one hour to live. We were told that she was being transported to another room and we were asked to call back once she was settled in her room. When I called her room, mom died at the moment they finished the transportation process and my call was received from the nurse in her room. Mom faced many obstacles throughout life and was exceptionally resilient. She did not have the energy or the stamina to fight his virus. Despite the fact that we know mom enjoyed the constant presence of her children throughout her aging process, we are still tormented by the thought that we could not be with her as her moment of death and her transition to a new life. It became increasingly difficult not having the real opportunity to have a formal funeral where the family could celebrate her life and say goodbye. Mom, we love you and miss you!

Raymond Maj, Alabama

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