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On 12/4/20, my husband was having weakness in his legs and trouble walking. He was extremely thirsty and felt like he had to go to the bathroom frequently. He started shaking and was pale and nauseous. I thought his sugar was low because he didn’t eat breakfast. When I tested his blood sugar, it was 318 so I called 911 because I thought he was having issues with his sugar. He was diabetic which was controlled through medication. Shortly after getting to the ER, I was told he had Covid-19! I was in complete shock since he had no Covid-19 symptoms and had been so careful. On 12/10/20, he was coughing and having difficulty breathing and they put him on a vent and put in ICU. Days and weeks followed with a roller coaster of good and bad days. On 12/30/20 he was given a trach and peg tube. They were trying to lower the vent and hoping to eventually move him to an LTAC. From the day he was put on the vent he was sedated and mostly paralyzed due to frequent proning. I was not able to visit him but did see him FaceTime a couple times for about 5 mins even though he was in a coma. On 12/31/20 his bloodwork and readings were the best they had been. At 3:30 am on 1/4/21 I received a call that he was doing poorly and I needed to come to the hospital!! Two days earlier, the pulmonary doctor told me he was optimistic about his prognosis but he would have a long rehab. When I came to his room, I was told he was gravely ill and would not make the day. I was able to spend the day with him the day he died. It was the most devastating and torturous month anyone could have in addition to it being the holidays!

Maureen Williamson, Pennslyvania 

Grandpa shoeing cookie of Santa Claus