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My wife was a nurse in a nursing home. They were careful for about the 1st half of the year. In October they accepted their first covid-19 case. They prepared a couple of rooms at the end of the hall and assigned some staff to work on the covid unit. After those 2 were recovered they moved them into general population. Right after Thanksgiving the nursing home found another resident with the virus. They weren’t so careful that time. One of the CNA that worked with Lisa had worked on the Covid-19 unit the 2nd time and then she worked with Lisa. She gave the virus to Lisa. Lisa was diagnosed on the 7th of Dec and suffered at home until the 11th. The evening of the 13th she was put on a vent. Her lungs gave out and her kidneys were also failing. She never recovered and on the 28th the hospital and dr. gave us a choice that we could be there with her if they were to put her on comfort care. After they had said that they asked about how many people were in our immediate family. I told them 5 but they said only 2 of us could be with her at bedside. That didn’t fly. They let all 5 of us with her at her bedside. We put on PPE. It is a horrible feeling. I had to make the decision without seeing her but by the time I was able to see her in person I could tell her kidneys weren’t working like they should. She was gone in 10 minutes after they unplugged the vent. I miss her so much. We were married for almost 30 years.

Ron Bramblett, KansasĀ 

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