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I received a call from the nursing home telling me that my mom had a runny nose, what I didn’t know was that 5 days later she would take her last breath, alone without her loving family and confined to a COVID Unit in the nursing home that supposedly was doing everything to prevent this virus from getting to their residents. There were no meds they could give her to help her fight this virus they said only the comfort of morphine would be given, her loving family informed we could not visit. We received no closure as she was taken under strict COVID measures to the funeral home, then told we had to cold storage the body and a service would be from a distance and we could not touch the body. How could I never see and touch my loving mother again…my memories are all I have and due to travel restrictions, I have yet to bury her cremated remains. She deserved so much more then this and I pray with all my heart that we find a vaccine that will prevent further deaths.

– Debbie Stolfi, Massachusetts

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