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Was unaware of the symptoms when my son thought he had simple cold? After 6 days @ home I told him to go to hospital to get checked for Covid? He was unvaccinated @ this time on July 15th. I also experienced Covid symptoms as well just prior to this day and was vaccinated. Knowing the signs such as fever, cough, sneezing, backache, vomiting and diarrhea would have helped with my son? Still trying to get details of his treatment from the hospital, as their was a monoclonal treatment that was available @ the time he was hospitalized? Only heard from them they were treating with steroids, painkillers and blood transfusion? Isolation was the hardest part of dealing with this and not being their for my son when he needed me. I can’t even imagine how many others have no words for a death that should have never ever happened? I cry almost every day because he was a big part of our life and I miss him so much 😔

– Debra Hobart, California

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