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My mom would haven been 70 Yrs old. Her last physical was done in Jan 2020, she had a clean medical record. On March 19 mom started to fell sick we call the doctors and no one will see her they said oh no fever she can’t not been seen for days I saw my mom go from healthy person to not having no energy they keep saying she dehydrated give her plenty of fluids but all this time she was fighting the Covit. On March 26 that day mom was really bad had a fever called her primary care they said well take her in to the hospital. We took her to an urgent vare where she waited 3 1/2 hours to get her vitals done while she rated on my brothers shoulder. When they called her in. Mom had a fever and her oxygen was at 72%. They called and ambulance and they took her to The ER at Forest hills hospital. I was able to talk to mom for a second while she got in the ambulance and I told her Mom I Love You. Stay strong and she reply I love you pa. Who knew these where the last words I would hear from my mom. As soon as she arrived they called us and told us she needed to be put on a ventilator we never got to speak to mom again to April 4th when the doctors said she was not well. Those days letting to that one call that said she not well where the worst days of my life. I didn’t sleep I was on alert waiting for good new or bad and they only called once or twice a day they keep telling us not to call cause they where so busy. Back to April 4, 2020 around 10:50 the nurses connected their phone so we can see mom and talk to her she was heavily medicated but I know she heard us. We cried, we prayed and we sang her favorite song from church. We were loosing out Mom. After the call I get a call from the hospital witch I forgot to mention that they transferred her in a ventilator to a hospital 2 hrs away in Long Island in Port Jefferson. So the call was to let us know that we should not have a DNR on my mom. They keep scaling us everyday my mom was there asking us to remove the DNR. I told them I would not and after the last call with the doctor. Around midnight. I received that call the call that destroyed my life at 1:36 am. My Mom Marilu López Santiago had passed away from a Heart attack due to Covid-19. To this day I’m dealing and trying to ease the pain of her dying but it’s been so hard. Never got to say good bye or a hug or a last kiss. I love you Mom. Rest In Peace. She leaves behind 5 children Rosa Santiago, Beverly Rosario Santiago, Pablo López Jr, Omar López and Ruth D López. Two sister a brother and many nieces and nephews. And especially the love of her love her 5 Grandkids Kathleen And Chris Mendez and Mia,Jordan,Myah McDowell.

–  Pablo López Jr, New York 

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