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My dad, who rarely ever got sick and didn’t take a single medication, got sick in June of 2020. On Father’s Day, my mom took him to urgent care because he had been sick for a couple of days with what a doctor over the phone thought could be pneumonia, but not Covid-19. He had a cough and some difficulty breathing. Urgent care sent him to the ER. My mom dropped him off and thought she’d see him in a day or two. He was admitted and seemed to be improving after a few days. Two weeks after being admitted, he was put on a ventilator because his oxygen saturation was dropping during the night. He survived almost two months on the ventilator. He endured four chest tubes due to collapsed lungs and was on dialysis to help his kidneys. My dad fought hard, but in the end a lung infection took over his weakened body. My dad passed on August 29th, 2020 as we were on FaceTime with him. He waited for each of his four children to talk to him and then his wife. He was 58-years-old and had celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary just five days before being admitted to the hospital.

Marlene Bojorquez, California