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I lost my mom, Mary Mintz, from acute respiratory failure due to Covid-19. For the previous two years, my mother was living in an assisted living facility and absolutely hated it. Always a strong and independent person, she wanted to be back in the real world. Due to my own physical limitations I was unable to bring her home, so she purchased the home next-door to me and passed away 2 days prior to the move in date. She was so excited about living next-door, that’s so afraid of getting Covid-19, she was very scared. I am so sad that she never got to move in and enjoy her independence. My mothers life was very sad and tragic and it breaks my heart knowing how scared she was, and ultimately dying from it. I was not allowed to visit her until deciding to remove life-support. No wake, no funeral, no closure, no human contact (hugs), just a beautiful mother of pearl urn that contains her ashes. I know she’s at peace, she is with my three younger brothers who died too early, as well as my father. The only thing that brings me comfort is that she is no longer suffering.

Katherine Mintz, Massachusetts

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