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My mom was rushed to the hospital March 14th, by near midnight on March 15th, she died. The last call with my mom was her asking me if she should let them intubate her. I had no idea what to do, I said yes because I didn’t know if or what the other options were. At around 830, I received a call that my mom had flatlined, but was breathing again and I rushed back to hospital and they allowed me on the quarantine floor where I screamed through this door for 30 minutes as 2 nurses in full hazmat like gear stayed in the room to manage the intubator and what ever other machines. After being asked to leave and to stay by my phone, my mother flatlined 2 more times, 1030 and 11. At 1138pm on Sunday March 15th, at the young age of 67, my best friend, my soulmate, my mother passed away. There was no obituary because the funeral home did not want to attract any crowds. There’s was a wake, 2 hours, 15 ppl. My mother was cremated and I have her ashes in a beautiful urn in my apartment. Oddly, 5 hours before she passed I dropped off her laptop because she believed she would be sitting from the hospital on Monday. I miss her every day.

  Fallon Jasovsky, New Jersey

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