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My husband Michael died on July 4th, while our our country was celebrating it’s Independence I had to make the most difficult decision to stop all treatment. I lost my husband of 28 years, my highschool sweetheart, my bestfriend, my soulmate. Our children lost thier father, and our grandchildren lost a grandfather who loved them unconditionally. We contracted the virus on June 1st and in one month our lives were changed forever. All of our family over came the virus with the exception of Michael, he suffered for us. Michael was admitted to the hospital on June 14th and the doctors gave me hope that he would overcome the virus, but on June 19th he took a turn for the worse and was placed in ICU and on a ventilator. Everyday the doctor would call to give updates on Michael’s progress and everyday was the same thing “my husband was very, very sick and critical”. Michael was showing no progress since being on the ventilator and on June 26th the doctor decided to try one last treatment to see if this would help cure him. It worked and within 48 hours Michael was showing signs of improvement, the oxygen on ventilator was able to be brought down and finally we had hope he was going to recover. Then on July 1st my husband caught another bacterial infection and then everything in his health went downhill from there. Michael took his last breath 3 days later. I had always worried that if we got sick, my husband would have a hard time recovering but never did I imagine he would lose his life. Michael was only 50 years old and we were on the verge of becoming debt free and enjoying the next chapter in our life, making home improvements, and saving for retirement. When I see our country and society not taking this virus seriously it angers me. So many lives have been lost and everyday there are numbers being given on news media of the death toll. Yet no one realizes those numbers have a name, had a life, and was loved by their family. My husband has become one of those numbers. Michael was our protector, our provider, and loved DIY projects. He was a large man with a heart of gold and beautiful smile.

– Jennette Rodriguez, Texas

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