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From the onset of June 26, 2020, my life as a healthy, vibrant, and outgoing 50 year old dramatically changed after contracting COVID-19, a horrific and debilitating disease, that has greatly impaired my both my physical stamina and affected, more often than not, my mental psyche. Not only have the after (long-hauler) effects of COVID-19 been physically draining, but my day-to-day endurance of such extreme and relentless symptoms has been a true uphill battle for me, as well as my loved ones. To date, if it had not been for my innate spiritual strength and the committed love and support of my very close circle of family and friends, I just don’t know what I would have done. Because with the influence of society and all of its stressors therein, such as the balance between work, family and other aspects of my life, the struggle has truly been real for me. For example, back in early December 2020, the unforeseen passage of my beloved 95 year old Aunt Myrtle who too contracted Covid-19 and succumbed to this horrible disease during her residency at a nursing home, was absolutely devastating to me. And, until this date, Aunt Myrtle’s sudden demise has remained a significantly traumatic event in my life for which I’ve had to actively seek professional and spiritual counseling for…. to see the vivacious and loving spirit of an elderly loved one spiral downward so quickly and so unexpectedly has been inflicted insurmountable stress and emotional pain in my life, which has undeniably exacerbated my own personal battle with COVID-19.

– Niccole Woods, Missouri

Older woman and woman smiling