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I am the namesake of my grandmother, and adored and loved her dearly. I visited every other month to see how she was doing while in a long term care facility with dementia for the past couple of years. She was healthier than most besides the dementia. I live in New York and she lived in Texas. My last visit before NY and Texas shut down was late Jan. 2020. I was to visit in March 2020 next. I still called trying to explain to her what was going on in the World with Covid. She always said be safe. I last made a window visit Father’s Day weekend in June 2020 and every day visited her through the window. I drove from NY then because of Covid-19, but I couldnt go any longer without seeing her. She was in great spirits and health then, while every day having to re-explain why I was at the window. July 4th the long term care facility alerted me of the first case while assuring me they had things under control and my grandma was in the best place for her care. July 12th she was impacted. I drove back to Texas, and couldnt see her. My family and I had one video call in while she was in the ICU but she was not oriented. She passed on Jul. 22, 2020 from Respiratory Complications from Covid-19. Today and everyday since then has been difficult as I remember her and others this disease has impacted. This was not supposed to be the disease that caused my grandmother to leave us. Please wear a mask for others as this disease does not discriminate.

Pauline Nicole Johnson, Texas

In memory of Pauline Sanders