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Most people like being the first at something; however, being the first in your county to get Covid and then the first to die from it is not a first anyone would wish for. Unfortunately, my husband of 37 years, was the first in our county to test positive for the virus and was the first death. He spent 17 days in the hospital, 14 in the ICU before the virus defeated him. I was sick at home with COVID while he was in the hospital. I recuperated at home after 2 weeks of high fever, chills, terrible headaches and body aches. It took almost 6 months before the cough went away. Now that we have a vaccine, I do not understand why EVERYONE does not get vaccinated. To loose someone you love dearly to this virus and not be able to be with them in their final days because they are in isolation and you are in isolation is something no family should have to endure going forward.

– Phyllis Carmichael, Georgia

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